The Directors Cut - Mens Grooming Collection

The Directors Cut - Mens Grooming Collection

Matte Wax
Salt Spray
Tea Tree Shampoo
Beard Oil
Beard Soap
BE-BOP Brush
  • Details

    Matte Wax (75ml):
    Directions for use: spread a small amount onto palms/finger tips and apply to dry/towel dry hair.

    Salt Spray (250ml):
    Directions for use: spray on wet or dry hair to create desired effect, or if used as finishing product apply Directors Cut Matte Wax throughout first and then spray salt spray throughout and style, blow-dry or leave to dry naturally.

    Tea-Tree Shampoo (250ml):
    Directions for use: apply a small amount to damp hair, lather and rinse completely.

    Beard Oil (30ml):
    Directions for use: place a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand, then distribute over the fingers of both hands. apply the oil directly under the skin of your beard to start the hydrating process at the source. Finally work the remaining oil through the rest of your beard and moustache.

    Beard Soap (85g):
    Directions for use: wet beard with water and rub bar of soap over all your beard until a film has been left on it, then use finger tips and palms to work the soap through the beard and watch the film expand into a rich luxurious foam cleaning your skin and face.